“Thrilling. Haunting.”

“This clearly written tale of a lesser known piece of history frightened and haunted me. I wondered, if I were one of the characters, how would I act? Would I feel hope?”--Carol Schultz, Naperville, IL

“A beautifully written book that captures the time period. I really cared about the characters. They were complicated and multifaceted. I loved learning about the history of the village. The author is able to take horrific events in WWII and make the story interesting and I wanted to learn more about the characters with every page. I feel enriched after having read it.”--Cinnamon, Amazon reader review

“What a solid opening; I was hooked from the beginning. These characters are so vivid! I could feel a mother’s fear about her son’s fascination with the fascists. Oy! The book planted me in a time and space and painted it with words. Really an amazing, amazing book."--Mariann Stephens, LaGrange Park, IL

"A debut historical novel of betrayal, reprisal, defeat, and hope in World War II Czechoslovakia. Sandrick delivers a complete story in which all the characters’ arcs feel satisfying and logical, and in which scenes of violence and cruelty are never overused for shock value. "--Kirkus Reviews



The Pear Tree has been nominated for a 2018 Global Ebook Award.